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T. S. DENISOVA Candidate of Historical Sciences Institute of Africa, Russian Academy of Sciences Keywords: Nigeria, presidential elections, political leadership, interfaith contradictions, Islamism, terrorism, Boko Haram On March 28, 2015, presidential ele
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S. E. PALE Candidate of Historical Sciences Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences Keywords: Oceania, cava, culture, low-narcotic drink Kava is a weakly narcotic drink. It is made from the root of the plant of the same name, which
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For the past 16 years, the Institute of Africa of the Russian Academy of Sciences has been publishing books every year with a large print on the cover.: "Proceedings of the Institute of Africa". I don't think that's quite accurate. On the next page after t
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I. L. LILEYEV Candidate of Political Sciences Institute of Africa, Russian Academy of Sciences Keywords: European Union, international political relations, aid to Africa, peacemaking The European Union's relations with Africa have acquired new features and
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Yu. S. FAYZRAKHMANOVA Graduate student Kamchatka State University n.a. Vitus Bering Keywords: Republic of Korea, borrowings from the Korean language, onomatopoeic words, hangul, han For a long time, Korea was a "hermit", closed to prying eyes, a country wh
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SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCE AT THE INSTITUTE OF AFRICA OF THE RUSSIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCES Keywords: crisis in Arab countries, Middle East, North Africa, Africa Institute For almost four years now, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region has been rocked by
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В. П. НЕМЧЕНКО Наш собкор в Эфиопии Ключевые слова: Африканский Союз, Ассамблея АС, Аддис-Абеба, Исполнительный комитет АС, Комиссия АС, Пан Ги Мун, Нкосазана Дламини-Зума, Роберт Мугабе 30 - 31 января 2015 г. в Аддис-Абебе работала 24-я Ассамблея Африканс
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E. I. USTINOV Candidate of Historical Sciences Keywords: Syrian crisis, ethno-confessional structure, socio-political dynamics, destabilization of the ethno-confessional balance The multidimensional nature of transformational political processes in the Ara
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E. I. DOROSHENKO Candidate of Philological Sciences Keywords: Libya, democratization, transition period, "direct democracy", pan-Arabism February 17, 2014 marked the 3rd anniversary of the newest Libyan revolution. However, despite the physical removal of
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O. I. TETERIN Candidate of Historical Sciences Keywords: Swahili in the USSR/Russia, dictionaries The works of Russian lexicographers on the Swahili language look much more modest. Only bilingual dictionaries of the Swahili language were published in our c
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